Welcome to the quaint little village
called Whispering Pines and it's rolling river.
A place nestled deep within our imaginations. A
domain not much like that of a Peton Place or one
of high crime. But a gentle quite little town deep
in the far corners of our minds. Where the worst event
that ever happen there is when the Del's cow decided
to graze in the town's square. It's a peaceful little
area better known for it friendly atmosphere, rather
the turmoil of what other places can bring.

Well this village does exist and I'm here to tell my
my story and invite you to tour with me. I first
stumbled upon Whispering Pines by accident. There I
met the residents and stayed for awhile in this
quite corner of the world. The town's folks were
something right out of a story book. Now I want to
share with you how the people made me feel so much
at home. Although I had my camera with me, believe me
it was very hard tocapture the residents on film. But
if you look closely you might see a few.

Before I continue my story allow me to introduce myself
and how I happen to come upon this village. My name is
««CD»» and I work as a reporter for the Daily Press,
a newspaper in a big city near you. I was on assignment
when my car engine died. And as they say the rest is

This story is total fiction and written by JudyDee.
Absolutely no relation to the Mayor HEHE.
Hope you enjoy the journey into my imagination.


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