I arrived in Whispering Pines around late November of what was to be a very cold winter. Not being able to get my car started, I decided to venture down the road for help. In a small clearing a soft glow of lights through the trees caught my attention. Debating whether to take a chance cutting through the woods in waist high snow, I knew I had to rather than freezing to death. Little did I know then that it was the home of Mr and Mrs Lene, who would turn out to be my guides, to what was to become the greatest joy of my life.

The Lene's as it turns out where the oldiest residents of the village. They were the kindiest couple you would ever want to meet. They took me in, giving me a warm meal and dry clothes. There was so much warmth in this home that it became mine for almost a year.

The next morning Mr Lene hooked up his team of horses and pulled my car into the yard, where it sat untill spring. After almost a month with the Lene's, my next encounter with the villager's came around Christmas time.

The Lene's and I had received an invitation to the home of the Dar's. They were a middle age couple with 5 children. You can see a few in the hard to get photo I talked about early. Their home, like that of the Lene's was friendly and heartwarming. I assure you these people had a way about them that made you feel right at home.

If there ever was a traditonal christmas, Whispering Pines is a grand example of it. There were no fancy gifts and lots of packages under the tree. Instead christmas was a get together, hand-made gifts for the children, and food. But most of all lots of love.

The holidays flew by but the winter was something else. It was cold and the Lene's and I most of the time just shared stories. The blizzards outside were no match for the warmth and memories shared inside. Before I knew it spring was here, which brought about the wonders an adventure that one could only dream about.

The winter had come to past, spring was about to be born. I for one couldn't wait to begin my exploration of this village that was talked about during the winter. I guess what I'am trying to say now begins the tour of a place in dream land.

I had by now told the Lene's I would love to see all that the village had to offer. At this point I was hooked and didn't really care about my car sitting in the yard.

The first place the Lene"s took me to was what they called "Old Man Jud's Place". It was a simple hidden place along a small waterfalls. Old man Jud stayed mostly to himself. His cabin was what you would expect to see in the old days. He had no running water. "Who needs water in the house when there's a stream right out side "he said. However he did have a water wheel at the falls that provided electricity. He reminded me so much of my grandfather. A kindly old gentleman who also made you feel right at home. He invited us to stay for supper and we did. When supper was over he took us to meet his brother's place, who lived just down the path from him.

There was still quite a nip in the air and I had forgotten my jacket. So the site of a glowing fire was truly welcomed.

We were introduced to Jud's brother Lon. He was alittle younger than the old man but just as witty. We sat through the evening listening to what I thought were the most fasinating stories. Of course the Lene's had heard them before, but enjoyed watching me and my reactions. The brothers had me glued to my chair. I can't tell you when this reporter has ever had such an enjoyable evening. Actually I could have sat up all night listening. And believe me these boys had some tall ones. Well it was getting late so we said our goodbyes and left for the Lene's place. That night when I retired for the night. All I could think about was what the Lene's had in store for me next.


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