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Unfortunely reality was starting to set in for me. I had to start considering getting my car fixed and back to work. Fortunely for me , my boss was a very understanding person. He said I deserved a vacation, but would have to come back soon.

The next morning I discussed the car with Mr Lene. "Let's see what we can do" he said. There's a gas station on the outskirts of the village. "Nothing fancy, but young Lou's a pretty good mechanic" uttered Mr. Lene. The Mrs and me can get some supplies while we're there. Okay I said let's check it out.

The countryside was refreshing. The warm breeze and clear skies made for a perfect day. But this experience would be one I will always remember. Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be in the old days? Go back in time to see how it was then. Well let me tell you this is about as close as you can get.

Our first stop of the day of course was the station and a conversation with the mechanic. When I spotted the station for the first time, well I don't think I have to tell you what I was thinking. Anyway I was introduced to Lou and began telling him my problem. Let me tell you this character reminded me so much of Gomer Pyle from Mayberry. But one thing I will give him, he sure knew his stuff.

He explained to me that because of the work involved and getting what I needed it would take at least two weeks. Then I found something strange happening within my soul. Had I been in the city chaos would have broken out. No way two weeks can't afford lost time, I would have to of found someway to have my car sooner. But this was different and thank Lou and off we went.

The Lene's decided to show me more of the countryside before doing some shopping. After all it was such a beautiful day. Off in the distance I could see what appeared to be a farm.

As we approached the place I was to learn that we were stopping by. It seems that the residents were Amish and had settled there not to many years ago. I was unable at the time to meet the parents since they had left to market. However I was able to tour the farm and meet the children.

Rachel, as I was to learn her name later was the first person I spotted.

She appeared to be curious as to whom was coming. But as soon as she had seen the Lene's she became what seem to me more relaxed. She promply began to show me around. One thing I notice was the great love they had for animals as you will see.

For example sister Katie had a pet of her own. Katie care for her chicken as you and I would care for our pet. The love in her eyes for the fowl was unmistakeable.To further prove my point came when we happen upon brother Jacob. Who was unaware of us watching.

Seems he didn't notice us as we watch him with the wild. He spoke in such a tender tone to his critter. The scene I was seeing was so heartwarmimg.

And this is Buck and Sadie the family pets they are so cute I just couldn't resist taking their picture. The children just adore them.

We said our goodbyes and were on the road again. Just down the road was an old sugar mill.

Allot of history here Mr Lene said. It had seen it's days of moonshiners and also occasionally a hideout for the Barker gang. Or so it was told by the old timers.

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