Welcome to my Native American Photo Gallery.
Before you enter my Gallery just alittle background on
why I chose this picture to enter. This picture was
given to me by a very special person. As soon as I saw
the picture I call it "The Hunter". Reason being all I
have been able to find on the famly tree are tales
handed down in the family. I do know that my grandfather
was half Indian, which of course make my mom 1/4 and me
1/8th. My Great, Great Grandfather was full blooded
Indian and Chief of his tribe. They called him Green. He
loved to hunt. Rumor has it he was the chief of the
Blackfoot tribe. All I know is that him and my Great
Great grandmother lived in a cabin and Green was gone
most of the time hunting. One story that comes to mind is
that when Green would return from hunting he would never
come or knock on the door to come in. He would stand in
the window untill my Great Great Grandmother would notice
him and open the door. And then one day Green left to go
hunting, never to return. No one till this day has ever knew
what had happened to him.

«««««"Blackfoot tribe"»»»»»

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