"True Bonds"

I hope we will forever be
special friends to the end.
A bond that's hard for others to see.
And so my friend this message I send.

That no matter what life may bring
Our times together seem heaven made.
Your friendship has taught me to sing.
So forever friend may it never fade.

Written and copyright by JudyDee ©

"The Lone Wolf"

Out of the storm the lone
wolf came
Searching for what had once been his domain
He was young and thought he was smart
Oh how he wished now he had listened to his
mate's heart
Now he is alone and lost in the snow
Winds are whipping and flakes starting to
Then off in the distance he heard her cry
At last he knew she was nearby
Never again will he wander in a storm
From his mate and the place where
they call home

Written by JudyDee ©

Copyright © Lady Jade
All Rights Reserved


Do we wait, do we
watch, do we really see
So much of our lives we waste
while other's plea
Have we become a society of interselfs
That we have put everyone else
on a forgotten shelf
True we want to be friends to all we
But do we really give of ourselves,
when our friends are downbeat
It's plain to anyone who can rationally
How would I feel if my friend threw me
in the brink
Friendship, like a marriage, we must work
And be willing to give of ourselves
in every regard"

Written & Copyright JudyDee
Copyright © Creative Works
All Right Reserved

"My Friend"

"To my friend whom I
hold so dear
In my body and soul it's been made clear
There are no words that I can find to say
Just how perfect you make my everyday
How like a very rare jewel to find
She someone so sweet and kind
When my world is cold and at it's ugliest
It's only with her I know I can be honest
And when the days are really bad
She sends me things so I'm not so sad
So in her heart she truly cares
And for whatever reason she's willing
to share
The warmth and love she gives
Makes me feel not to be so secretive
The inner beauty of her soul she shows
Just how everyday I can begin to grow
And so my friend I'm truly blessed
Because in my book you are the best
Your like my angel in the shining light
That I hope will always be bright"

Written & Copyright JudyDee
Copyright © Creative Works
All Rights Reserved

The Waterfalls

"As I travel on my
winding way
Gaining momentum and never running astray
For it's at my end my power can be
Giving the staff of life to all
Sometimes at my end I'am a powerful
And yet at others I can be as gentle as
the falling rain
I can be heard sometimes from miles away
Or as quiet as a cat stalking it's
I am here for all to know as a
Standing before you proud and tall"

Written by JudyDee exclusively
for Lady Jade whose The Waterfalls
page inspired me. © Lady Jade

A Child's Tear

I am but a frighten child with a single
Wishing the hurt and pain would soon
I love my mommy and daddy it's so true
But can't figure out just what they want
me to do
At first I thought that I was being bad
That's why it was making mommy and daddy
real mad
So I tried very hard to be real good
Thinking all along it would make for a
better childhood
If there please could be someone there
To show me that mommy's and daddy's
really care
Then maybe the hurt and pain will go away
And that will make for me a better day"

A Child's Tear was written by JudyDee
exclusively for Lady Jade's Verbal Abuse Hurts too

Copyright to Verbal Abuse and
text may not be reproduce in any
Copyright Verbal Abuse © Lady Jade
All Right Reserved

The White Rose Ladies

We come together as a group to share
The wonders of friendship and loving
We work hard to lend a helping hand
And show we really understand
Our motto is quite clear
To love and support things we hold
so dear
Sharing our thoughts and ideas that
come to mind.
And being there when the times can
be so unkind"

Written by JudyDee
Copyright © White Rose Ladies 1999-2001
All Rights Reserved

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