Nice of you to drop in to my humble homepages.
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm well let's just
old enough to not tell, and reside in Palm Coast, Florida.
I'm retired and enjoy fishing, shrimping,
boating and the beach, except swimming.
Oh I know what your thinking, why not swimming.
Well actually I do enjoy the beach,however the water
is definately out unless it's concrete contained.
A close encounter with a shark was enough for me.
I'm also interested in Native American, Elvis,US history,
writing and etc. Writing has been a long time event
for me. I have been writing since I was young. It has only
been the last couple of years that I have had anything
published. I have several poems that have been published
both here in the United States and Europe. So if you like
please feel free to visit Creative Works on my menu page.
Well as I have said you will find many interests that I have
here as I begin to expand.
On my Native American site you will find alittle of my
family tree. Which tells of my Native American hertiage.

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